Thursday, 11 October 2012

Saturday 6th October 2012


WHAT;RoRo's Fall Fashion Shoot

WHERE;Rebecca's Back Garden! :-)

WHEN;Saturday 6th October 2012

Well, here it is! Ro Ro's very first BLOG SHOOT!

It was a chilly October afternoon, the sun was just managing to crack through, but there was still a chilly Autumn breeze in the air.

After Olivia's camera broke ( typical, right?!) we resorted to my dad's phone!

After our shoot, we went to Topshop, where we tried on some of the newest outfits, and searched for inspiration for our blog.

We wish we had enough money to buy EVERYTHING we tried on! 
A girl can dream...

It was SO much fun doing our shoot, and we will definitely be doing another one soon!

Here's a few more pictures from Saturday, before we tried some horrendously sour toxic wastes!



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