Monday, 31 December 2012

December Days

Hi there!
           Forgot to post about this, we've both been really busy! 

The other day, I went round my very funny Nanna & Grandad's house with my little brother to have a cosy day in while it was raining outside. I don't think there is quite anything better, and it's a plus that they have the prettiest, nicest & tidiest house I've ever set foot in! 
Here's a few pictures from the day!

Miracle on 34th Street is definitely one of my fave Christmas movies!

I wore a Fuschia Primark Shirt, which was reduced to just £3, a sequined Dorothy Perkins collar, which I bought in last year's sales for £1! (Reduced from £12.50!) and my New Look High Waisted Jeans, £12.99. My rather festive socks were from a small shop in South Shields.

Hope you all had some nice December Days!

-R xo

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Bloggers!

Well it almost is anyway!

We're both going to separate parties tonight, but we're going to Facetime eachother at 2am, because we're cute like that.

We shall upload our outfits tomorrow ( that's if we're not asleep!) and we wish you all the best for 2013!

 After such an AMAZING year, we can guarantee 2013 is going to be 
with plenty of things to look forward to!

Hope you all have an amazing night whatever you're doing, and watch RoRo evolve in the upcoming year.

Merry 2013!
-R xo

And please enjoy this beautiful video by two of our fave actors, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Sunday, 30 December 2012


NYEE; New Years Eve Eve.

Haha, happy New Years Eve Eve everyone! So, I am guessing that many of you out there are in desperate need of some party outfits right now as this is probably the only full day you'll get to buy a brand new outfit for the brand new year. I mean, there are parties to go to, people to meet and boys and girls to give a cheeky midnight kiss too ;-) At this time of the year, you need to dress to impress and these are some of my favorite outfit ideas on what to wear for the New Year! 

-P.S Me and Rebecca strongly advise you to just let your hair down and have a great time! Most of us only get to party this hard a couple of times a year so make the most of it!
-P.P.S Don't get too drunk... me, Rebecca and KT from might of got slightly tipsy at a party we were invited to on Thursday and lets just say a lot happened... oops!

Untitled #60

Untitled #61

Untitled #63

Untitled #62

We both hope you have wonderful New Year and don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves! 

Lots of love, Olivia :-) x

December Buys

Hey guys! This is just a quick post about the stuff I bought when I went sale shopping yesterday. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with sales, as you can find some pretty good bargains, but it's always busy, your size is probably not there and you've got to be there bright and early if you want to catch the best things. 

Anyhoo, here's what I managed to get yesterday!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel, £3.10, Lush

I love this! I wanted it so badly when my friend showed me it back in November, but wasn't committed to paying the full price! There is a huge 50% off sale on in there too, so go treat yourself! And this smells of candy floss and pear drops. Need I say no more?

Popcorn Lip Scrub, £2.87, Lush

I've heard good things about these Lush Lip Scrubs, so decided to try one out. They are really good for dry lips, and make lipstick look a MILLION times better! I got the popcorn flavour, which also tastes very nice haha, but you can also get the likes of Mint and Bubblegum!

Gold Chain Necklace, £7, Topshop

Thank The Lord I found one of these! After searching high and low for one at a decent price for well over two months, I found this one and its perfect! It was originally £14 and it was the only one left and it had a half price sticker on so I thought why not! It's a little more than I would usually pay for something like this, but I'll be wearing it a lot so it's worth it! I still haven't decided whether to keep the netting on or not though...

Angel Earrings, £1.20, and Mini Hoop Earrings, £1.00

You may remember these from an earlier post about stocking fillers...well I got them! I called them Sassy and Bonquisha and they are so cute and everyone else hates them but I love them! The mini hoops were sort of an impulse buy because they were so cheap. I was worried in case they would look 'chavvy' but they don't look too bad, and look quite good on my helix piercing. Bonus!

Cinderella Dress Up Erasers, £1.69, Disney Store

HOLY POTATOES I LOVE THESE. Why haven't I seen these before!? You can DRESS UP your rubbers? They are also available in Rapunzels and Belle if you fancy them :-)

Thanks for reading this post and let us know if you've tried any of the above for yourself!

 It looks like its going to be a pretty nice day today so we'll see you soon!

R xo

Friday, 28 December 2012

Returning Soon!

We shall be doing a proper post later about last night and some more fashion bizness, but for now, please enjoy these

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ro Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas to all our readers out there! 
We both hope you had the most wonderful day ( we certainly did!). Here's a few pictures from my day, not including my mam and dad as those ones are rather embarrassing! I'll upload some more once I find them! Lets get fat :-)
Enjoy xo

Facetiming with my cousin Rachel, with our baby cousins Amelie and Archie and my last advent calendar :-( BOO

With my Nanna and Grandad, again with the twins, me and my BRO DAWG, and with ickle Amelie

Onesie Princess
What I wore:

Our Christmas Tree!


We'll be doing our Christmas Present Haul the next time we get together so keep your eyes peeled!

Christmas Wishes from R xo

It Was Christmas Eve, Babe

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, I went to see Home Alone at the cinema with my dad and brother, which was SO FUN!
We went to the Metrocentre, which is a huge shopping centre where we lived, and I was lucky to get first dibs in the Topshop sale! Woohoo!

On Christmas Eve, we always go with our cousins to Christingle at the Church on the Hill, which is possibly the cutest Church ever! All the children recieve an orange ( which represents the world) four sticks with sweets on ( which represents the four seasons ) and a glowing candle in the middle ( which represents Jesus and the light he brought to the world). We sang our fave carols, and got front row seats too, being the VIPs we are!

Who doesn't love New Xmas PJS!?

I love the excitement on Christmas Eve, it never gets old! You can't forget to sprinkle your reindeer food out the front door though, Rudolph gets hungry too!

Here's a sneak peek extra video of Olivia and I jousting in Makro the other day. We also got paper-bombed by a 7 year old and found a unicorn called Jimmy. What a guy.

-R xo

Monday, 24 December 2012

Have a very merry Christmas!

Hey guys, as you all know its Christmas eve here in England I just wanted to say that me and rebecca hope you all have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world! I doubt any of us will be able to update roro as we will be both very busy but we promise to do a Christmas haul with our dear friend Katie!
Anyways, have a lovely Christmas and I hope you get everything you wanted haha!
Christmas wishes,
Love Olivia :)x

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Model Muse: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr, aged 29, is a model, entrepeneur and 'Angel' from Sydney, Australia.
She first gained fame at just 13, when she entered the model search competition for Australian teen magazine, Dolly. 
When she was younger, she grew up in the Australian countryside in New South Wales, riding motorbikes on her Grandmother's farm and wearing what she pleased. She states this as being "very grounding", and winning the Dolly competition truly changed her life.

From there, she starred in campaigns for big Aussie brands like Billabong and One Teaspoon, before she made her runway debut in 2004. Other big brands she was shot for were Levis, L.A.M.B and  Betsey Johnson! Wowza!

In 2006, she was set to conquer the States, signing contracts with Maybelline,appearing in her first Victoria's Secret catalogue and appearing in Kanye West's Number One music video. Then she went BIG.

She replaced the fabulous Gisele Bundchen in 2007 at Victoria's Secret, and has walked their elaborate and extravagant catwalks ever since! She is one of the most famous Angels of the lingerie giant. In 2009, she also launched her beauty care range Kora Organics! Busy girl.

To top it all off, she married to THE Orlando Bloom in 2010, and gave birth to their son, Flynn, shortly afterwards. She has also replaced KATE MOSS as the face of Mango! :O
Not to mention, Miranda also has a killer fashion sense, and can always be seen either out in NYC or Sydney in outfits you can only DREAM of owning. 

I think she is so successful because of her timeless beauty and cute dimples. She has a 'type of face' that is rarely seen in the modelling world, as it is so young and fresh, unlike some gaunt models with hollow cheekbones you see a lot nowadays. 

Can a girl have it all? I guess she can!

We love Miranda!

-R x

And she has a CRAZY COOL accent! Check her out on Ellen:

Saturday, 22 December 2012


I found this somewhere on Tumblr, and I think it is really sweet.

If you've fallen out with anyone, or wanted to accomplish a goal by the end of the year, there's still 9 days left of 2012, so make the most of it! 

I've had one of the best years ever, and I hope you have too!
Merry December!

Christmas Wishes, 
     R x

Friday, 21 December 2012

It Ain't The End of the World

Hey guys! Everyone still alive? Good stuff.
We've had a great day today, and it's just an extra that its now officially the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! 
(insert celebratory twerk here)

2 whole weeks of freedom! Anyway, it was great giving people their presents, and everyone was in such a good mood today! 

The only downside was saying goodbye to our good friend who is moving to the other side of the world :-( 

It made us appreciate how many AMAZING friends we have, and that we should never take anyone for granted. 

Here's a video of us after school singing the one and only Mariah Carey classic (fab,right?):

Hope you are all in the festive spirit too!
R x

Pretty appropriate right now: