Thursday, 27 December 2012

It Was Christmas Eve, Babe

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, I went to see Home Alone at the cinema with my dad and brother, which was SO FUN!
We went to the Metrocentre, which is a huge shopping centre where we lived, and I was lucky to get first dibs in the Topshop sale! Woohoo!

On Christmas Eve, we always go with our cousins to Christingle at the Church on the Hill, which is possibly the cutest Church ever! All the children recieve an orange ( which represents the world) four sticks with sweets on ( which represents the four seasons ) and a glowing candle in the middle ( which represents Jesus and the light he brought to the world). We sang our fave carols, and got front row seats too, being the VIPs we are!

Who doesn't love New Xmas PJS!?

I love the excitement on Christmas Eve, it never gets old! You can't forget to sprinkle your reindeer food out the front door though, Rudolph gets hungry too!

Here's a sneak peek extra video of Olivia and I jousting in Makro the other day. We also got paper-bombed by a 7 year old and found a unicorn called Jimmy. What a guy.

-R xo

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