Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

So, the 31st of October has finally arrived! MWAHAHAHAHA *cue thunder and lightning here with evil witch cackle*

Anywho, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As a sort of follow up post to Rebecca's earlier post 'Vamp it up' here are some creepy, dark and vamptabulous (did you see what I did there!?) outfit ideas if you're just not up to going all the way with the fake blood, and the over the top costumes blah blah blah but you're willing to whip out your bloody red lipsticks and your midnight black tight fitting dress (not the slaggy kind what today's teenagers wear on a night out to the town (me and Rebecca have ethics...) but the long, sharp cutting ones... here, I'll show you below!)

Untitled #29

Untitled #30

You could even throw in a cloak if you wanted too...

Untitled #31

How about some spooky skirts? ;-)

Untitled #32

Or some very 'halloweeny' tops/ sweaters?

Hehe, have a great Halloween guys! If you have been wearing some cray-cray costumes, feel free to send us a picture of you and your friends wearing them with your most spookiest face to: to be featured on our blog and me and Rebecca will pick our favorites! We'll love to see your AMAZING Halloween outfits! Here, have some sweets...


-Olivia :-) x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Nicki Minaj

On Thursday, I went to see one of the most kooky, crazy and controversial stars of this generation.


I was so excited to go and see her, and the concert certainly exceeded my expectations! Throughout several outfit changes and wig transformations, each one as blindingly bright as the other, and special appearances from Tyga and Misha B, Nicki put on a great show, that left our friend Hannah and I with literally no voice! 

 During the concert, I was amazed at how the rapper didn't seem to care what anyone thought of her ( have you SEEN her feisty argument with fellow American Idol co-star Mariah Carey!?) and wore what best expressed her vibrant personality. 

Always being judged for what she does, wears and says, Nicki, real name Onika Maraj, is seemingly oblivious to criticism, and just goes with her decisions and what SHE wants to do.

Below are some of Nicki's rather 'out-there' combinations, which shows that we should all try taking a risk with our clothing choices, instead of sticking to the trends and banishing what we would normally deem as too egotistical.

So go get your SUPER BASS on!

-R x

P.S. Here's a small glimpse of what I wore to the concert, minus my bright red lipstick and diamond gems on my face. Interesting.

Sunday Sea ☀

I don't think there is anything better than going to the beach in Autumn.

When it is the perfect type of weather, not COLD but not Warm. Another added bonus is that you get to wear your new fall pieces, and who doesn't get excited for that?

You can't go wrong with a checked shirt and skinny jeans ( the most understated statement!), and, after you've completed that treacherous hunt for the PERFECT winter coat, give it an early airing! 
I had to wear my glasses today as I was feeling slightly blind, but it totally changed my outfit.

Here are some pictures from today, which proves that it doesn't have to be 40 degrees and bikini weather to enjoy a day by the sea!

-R x

Monday, 22 October 2012

These Boots Are MADE For Walking



Yesterday, I went out on a walk in the sunny Autumn weather in my trusty, battered and slightly old combat boots. I've owned these for long over two years now ( have my feet not grown!?) and they are still my favourite! 

My cutie little booties!
I think they are an essential, not just for Autumn, but for all year round, as they will toughen up any outfit and never go out of style. 

I was a slightly trend-aware 12 year old when I spotted and fell in love with them in New Look, and they were a bargain for £25, especially since they've lasted this long! ( Both heels have sort of gone, but that doesn't matter, right?)

Below are some of the best high street hotties I could find!

Enjoy...and happy spending!

(From top left, clockwise) £110, Schuh   £90.61, Nasty Gal   £40, River Island

(From top left, clockwise) £59.99, New Look   £95, Topshop    £165, All Saints    £40, River Island

-R @beccaferginator @olivia_candlerx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Vamp It Up

It's almost Halloween...

and it just so happens that this season's hottest make-up trend is

The prospect of coating your lips in a ghastly maroon and caking your eyes in several layers of black everything could scare off the toughest of fashionistas, daring to try every new trend from the latest catwalks.

Cara Delevingne for Burberry and a model backstage at Jason Wu

Yet it doesn't have to be that frightening. Even a subtle slick of dark lipstick can transform you from your summery coral shades to a more fierce, mysterious persona.

It is advised to not go TOO Edward Cullen in the daytime ( you know, vampires shouldn't be out in the sun!) as it doesn't seem to work as well. 
 This look is perfect for the night.

Use a light foundation, usually about a shade or two lighter than your usual, and apply it neatly, covering your entire face and neck. Try Maybelline Dream Mousse Liquid Foundation in Light Porcelain Ivory.

Next, apply Urban Decay Primer Potion over your eyelids and use Urban Decay Sin over the base and Urban Decay Buck in the crease and up to the brow bone. Make sure it is not too heavy as too much can look over the top, as though you are actually going trick or treating!

If you are striving for a more serious look, apply a light flick of Barry M Liquid Eyeliner on your upper lashline and waterline. Skip this if you are going for a natural look.

For the lips, if you want a matte look, apply pressed powder onto the lips beforehand, to ensure the lipstick doesn't smudge and stays matte.

The best lipsticks I've found for the Gothic look are the following;

Nars Lipstick in Afghan Red
 Mac Lipstick in Smoked Purple

 Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipstick in Shade 04

 This is a lipstick I found in H & M for only £2.99, and it is a lovely shade of purple and will suit a lot of skin tones as it isn't as fierce as some of the above colours. 
I think it is a bargain if it is a colour you aren't going to be wearing regularly! The shade is called Lips to Thrill.

 Excuse my blinds and strange hand!

Taylor Momsen with her heavily applied black eye-makeup and the gothic inspired make-up for the DKNY show.

Wear your hair tousled and slightly messy to achieve a more realistic gothic look, or you could go sleek and pulled back if you're going for a more severe style!

Good Luck!

-R x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jake Bugg

Have you heard of Jake Bugg? No? I suggest you go listen to him right. now. Seriously. His voice, his style, his face... he's beautiful. At just 18 he's becoming a huge success in the music industry and me and Rebecca literally can't be more excited! I first heard him playing backstage at one of England's biggest festivals with Fearne Cotton and Greg James. He performed his first single 'Lightning Bolt' acoustically and by George it was perfect. Ever since then, we both have been obsessed with him. (Not in a creepy way, don't worry ;-))

His voice is very country/rock and it's something I've rarely heard in today's music and to be honest, it is a great addition! He grew up in the Clifton area of Nottingham and began playing the guitar at the age of 12. He has been chosen to perform on many BBC radio and TV shows like 'Later... with Jules Holland' and BBC radio 6's music programme.

His style, to sum it up, is probably best to describe as a spin off of Noel Gallagher. With his dark skinny jeans, zip up parka jacket and always a lit cigarette in his hand. Here are some Jake Bugg inspired outfits. (For Girls.)
Untitled #26
Untitled #27

If you want to listen to him, here is a link to one of my favorite songs by him. It's a little number called 'Taste It'

and if you like that, go check out some of his other work like 'Two Fingers' another of my favorites and 'Saffron'.

-Olivia :-) x

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    On Wednesday, I went to see the highly anticipated adaption of Stephen Chbosky's 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'.
        I wasn't sure what to expect from it, taking it to be one of those teen films that everyone raves about, but eventually dies out. I was very wrong. 

     The movie was one of the most inspirational, sad and eye-opening that I've ever seen, and really reached out to me. Packed to the brim with influential quotes and meaningful story-lines, it made it a very moving picture, that lived up to the greatness of the book. 

Something that really caught my eye throughout was one of the main characters, Sam's, fashion. She was the eptimome of 90's cool. Always quite simplistic, with a slightly crazy, tomboy twist. 
Her hair cropped and messy, with a slick black headband, Sam always gave the vibe that she didn't care what anyone thought about her. 

Her preppy fashion was rarely bright, but still caught my attention.

You could see her personality reflected onto her clothes, which is something quite difficult to do, but her style was effortless and grungy, and easy to recreate! Sam's outfits were worlds away from Emma Watson's clean, sophisticated fashion, and it shows a completely versatile side to the actress.

If you haven't yet read the book or seen the movie, I highly recommend it as it is very emotional and creatively produced, and opened my eyes to ( this sounds cheesy!) what really matters.

Here are some of my Sam inspired outfits!

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks of Being a Wallflower 2