Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

So, the 31st of October has finally arrived! MWAHAHAHAHA *cue thunder and lightning here with evil witch cackle*

Anywho, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As a sort of follow up post to Rebecca's earlier post 'Vamp it up' here are some creepy, dark and vamptabulous (did you see what I did there!?) outfit ideas if you're just not up to going all the way with the fake blood, and the over the top costumes blah blah blah but you're willing to whip out your bloody red lipsticks and your midnight black tight fitting dress (not the slaggy kind what today's teenagers wear on a night out to the town (me and Rebecca have ethics...) but the long, sharp cutting ones... here, I'll show you below!)

Untitled #29

Untitled #30

You could even throw in a cloak if you wanted too...

Untitled #31

How about some spooky skirts? ;-)

Untitled #32

Or some very 'halloweeny' tops/ sweaters?

Hehe, have a great Halloween guys! If you have been wearing some cray-cray costumes, feel free to send us a picture of you and your friends wearing them with your most spookiest face to: to be featured on our blog and me and Rebecca will pick our favorites! We'll love to see your AMAZING Halloween outfits! Here, have some sweets...


-Olivia :-) x

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