Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jake Bugg

Have you heard of Jake Bugg? No? I suggest you go listen to him right. now. Seriously. His voice, his style, his face... he's beautiful. At just 18 he's becoming a huge success in the music industry and me and Rebecca literally can't be more excited! I first heard him playing backstage at one of England's biggest festivals with Fearne Cotton and Greg James. He performed his first single 'Lightning Bolt' acoustically and by George it was perfect. Ever since then, we both have been obsessed with him. (Not in a creepy way, don't worry ;-))

His voice is very country/rock and it's something I've rarely heard in today's music and to be honest, it is a great addition! He grew up in the Clifton area of Nottingham and began playing the guitar at the age of 12. He has been chosen to perform on many BBC radio and TV shows like 'Later... with Jules Holland' and BBC radio 6's music programme.

His style, to sum it up, is probably best to describe as a spin off of Noel Gallagher. With his dark skinny jeans, zip up parka jacket and always a lit cigarette in his hand. Here are some Jake Bugg inspired outfits. (For Girls.)
Untitled #26
Untitled #27

If you want to listen to him, here is a link to one of my favorite songs by him. It's a little number called 'Taste It'

and if you like that, go check out some of his other work like 'Two Fingers' another of my favorites and 'Saffron'.

-Olivia :-) x

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