Sunday, 30 December 2012


NYEE; New Years Eve Eve.

Haha, happy New Years Eve Eve everyone! So, I am guessing that many of you out there are in desperate need of some party outfits right now as this is probably the only full day you'll get to buy a brand new outfit for the brand new year. I mean, there are parties to go to, people to meet and boys and girls to give a cheeky midnight kiss too ;-) At this time of the year, you need to dress to impress and these are some of my favorite outfit ideas on what to wear for the New Year! 

-P.S Me and Rebecca strongly advise you to just let your hair down and have a great time! Most of us only get to party this hard a couple of times a year so make the most of it!
-P.P.S Don't get too drunk... me, Rebecca and KT from might of got slightly tipsy at a party we were invited to on Thursday and lets just say a lot happened... oops!

Untitled #60

Untitled #61

Untitled #63

Untitled #62

We both hope you have wonderful New Year and don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves! 

Lots of love, Olivia :-) x

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