Thursday, 15 November 2012


Baby, Baby!

Just a quick update here before I go to the doctors ( and then I have to go back to school *sigh*) to show off my new twin cousins!
They were born on Friday 9th November, and there name's are

Amelie & Archie!

How sweet!

I love when there are new additions to the family, and they are so teeny weeny, and they're hands are only the size of a pound coin!

I can't wait to dress them in Baby Prada and Little Gucci.....that would be cool right?

We hope the Ed Sheeran post will be up soon, there's just SO MANY pictures and videos, we don't want to pile them all on you at once! And since it's Children in Need tomorrow in the UK, there is a non uniform day at school, so we might be able to show you what we were wearing, if you're lucky!

Have a nice Thursday everyone!

-R x

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