Sunday, 13 January 2013

We're Sorry! :-(

Hey guys!
We just wanted to say that we are so so so sorry we both haven't really been on that much lately and we feel terrible! School has just started again and we can never really find enough time to really sit down and do a blog post we know you'll love. But...

We've just had the best idea ever!
We aren't going to give anything away yet ;-) but just know that a HUUUUUUGE surprise is coming your way soon!
It won't be released till next month but we've already started planning it and coming up with new ideas! As well as our special surprise, we will be doing various tutorials to do with what we're doing so it'll give you all something to be excited for!
We're deeply sorry once more but you won't have to wait much longer!
Lots of love ro ro x

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