Thursday, 27 September 2012

Henry Holland Appreciation Post!

Isn't Henry Holland just fabulous? I simply adore his styles and fashion sense!  I love how he takes preppy and vintage to a whole knew level, incorporating cool and unique prints to simplistic material and colours... and his shoes are to die for! Hey, I even own a pair myself;

By far one of my favorite pairs of shoes! Half of my wardrobe is probably Henry Holland, I have a skirt which I wear all the time! A pair of his canvas shorts and three tops. One of which is silk and has cute little horse carriages on and another with a rabbit on. His clothes are in some ways very different but they really are my favorite items of clothing. Also, his SS2013 garments are amazing! Here's just a few of the beautiful outfits:

Some of his designs has the same designs but they're all unique in their own way. My personal favorite has got to be the multi-coloured dungarees over the top of a simple blouse. Ah, so can't wait until the next seasons clothes are out! Me and Rebecca are so going shopping!

-Olivia :-) x

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