Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sweater Weather


October is here ( good thing, right?), which we take as the official start of Autumn! The leaves are transforming into a crispy amber, and there is a sudden noticeable breeze outside.

Think it's time to hide away in your tatty, old Juicy tracksuit?

Well, think again!

This is the season to dig out your sweaters and combats from the back of your summer wardrobe, and create some fashion magic! 

Below is a selection of THE best Autumn sweaters out right now
 (best get saving!)

Brandy Melville, $49.00, and Urban Outfitters, £42.00

Topshop, £38 (available in 5 different shades!) and H&M, £19.99

£25.00, River Island

Can't wait to get some of these!

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