Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Hipster Debate

     Does the sight of galaxy print leggings and red Vans make you quiver? Or the pure thought of girls clad in barely-there cut out dresses make you want to shake your fist in the face of society? This is the ever- so controversial HIPSTER.
           Stampeding Tumblr with their Nutella obsession and love for all things 'triangle', these girls ( and boys!) are prone to reblogging pictures of their bathroom shots and people smoking in snapbacks. 

Often recognised for having meaningless crosses emblazoned all over their clothes and a skateboard they can't ride, these people evolved from nowhere, ready to take over the streets with their supposedly 'individual' taste. 

Just some hipster zombies.
    Hipsters were beforehand known as older men and women in the 90's, who were dressed in skinny jeans and liked the occasional house party. Not 13 year old girls who wear often mismatched extensions, and are overjoyed at 5,000 notes of their Starbucks coffee.
    If you are looking for a hipster blog, there URL normally contains the words 'slutty', 'unicorn', 'whore' or 'bitch'. Oh dear.
  Maybe you like their style, their androgynous pout and dip dyed locks. Or perhaps, you're more likely to agree with this lovely old lady.



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