Friday, 12 October 2012

We Love....Zooey!

Style Crush♥ 

Zooey Deschanel, aged 32, is an AMAZING actress, musician and singer-songwriter from L.A, California.

She is most famous for her roles in cute indie flick, 500 Days of Summer ( one of our faves!), Elf, and THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, New Girl!

Zooey is also renown for her kooky and individual style. Never afraid to stand out from the crowd, she uses her knack for retro style and creates a sweet, whimsical outfit that automatically grabs the attention of the fashion critics.

Recognised for her girly skirts, unmistakeable fringe and THOSE blue eyes, Zooey is vastly becoming one of the most style praised stars in Hollywood.

And we can clearly see why!

We Zooey!

Below are some of my Zooey-inspired outfits!


Zooey 2


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