Friday, 23 November 2012

The Pointe Is

"You don't have to know about ballet to enjoy it, all you have to do is look at it" 
- Edwin Denby

Yesterday, I attended a ballet class with two friends at the COOLEST place on Earth, Dance City. There were break dancing competitions in the reception, jazz dancers kicking down the banisters, it was like a scene from Fame!

 I hadn't attended a proper ballet class since I was around 6 ( take a look, there's me, second row and third from the right!) and I was pretty nervous that I'd have forgotten EVERYTHING.

My worries soon vanished after the OAP guy in full-on lycra walked in ( that happened! ), and it was generally just good to get back into something I used to love so much. Whilst I was there, I noticed all of the luxurious costumes the dancers were wearing, including ruffled tulle tutus, beaded bodices, delicate silk slippers and flowing ribbons.

It made me think that a lot of high-fashion designers creations are rather similar to those worn by these ballet dancers. Just look at recent catwalks from the likes of Chloe', Sherri Hill, Alexander McQueen and especially Marchesa, the reigning brand of elegant gowns and dresses. Back in September this year, Valentino hosted an amazing event for New York City's Ballet Gala, where he designed a mass of beautiful dresses for the performing ballerinas, which gained a lot of media attention for the polished dance style.

Vogue Russia have previously devoted an entire editorial shoot to the refined art of ballet, and they even feature in Kanye West's music video, Runaway. And who could forget big-time controversial movie, Black Swan, which thrust ballerinas into a completely new light.

    So, do you think designers are inspired by the graceful entity of ballet, the silhouettes, costumes and chic yet sophisticated manner? 

Here's a picture of my little brother and I at the NYC Ballet in January 2011!

P.S. My ballet inspired outfit!

The Pointe Is

-R x

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