Monday, 5 November 2012

Update Time Bloggerino's!

Hey guys! So, basically this is a quick update just to let you know of some of the things that will be going on in a couple of weeks and about future posts!

This Saturday (10th of November) me and Rebecca and a couple of other friends will be going to see... wait for it...


He's been mine and Rebecca's favorite singer for a very, very long time and we are so excited! Like, whenever I think about it I just want to cry... seriously. Plus, it's my birthday the day after (11th of November) which is even better as I'm spending part of my birthday seeing one of my all time favorite music artists and my best friends! Me and Rebecca shall do a joint post about the concert and what our outfits were and where you can buy them! All will be revealed soon ;-)

Also, I'm going shopping for my birthday and I'm planning on spending so much money  on clothes which I will take pictures of and make a separate blog post about.

Not long after that though, me and Rebecca will be going to another concert on the 1st of December which will be... wait for it...


We're extremely excited for both concerts and a blog post will be made for Rizzle Kicks with the same content as the Ed Sheeran one.

As it's the official start to Christmas (woop woop!) me and Rebecca have decided to do our next photo shoot on that date too! This one, however, will be 'winter season' themed. It's going to be all christmassy and pretty and lovely and all things nice! Not only are we doing a photo shoot for you guys, we will also be uploading a video onto here as a sort of, 'official welcome' so you can get to know us better than just some writing on a page.

Seriously, you guys are in for a treat these next couple of months!

Before I leave, on behalf of both of us, Rebecca and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who rates our posts and actually takes the time out of their day to look at our blog. We've been getting views from all over the world and it really does make mine and Rebecca's day to see a few more people have looked at our blog :-) we do work so hard on this and hopefully, we'll get noticed someday and start to do more professional blog posts around the world. How cool would that be!?

We truly do enjoy doing this blog and we're both so happy we even started doing it in the first place! Don't forget that you can email us any time you want with any of tips to make our blog better, or if you need advice with anything. We're teenagers too you know, we know what y'all going through ya here me!?

Haha, follow out twitters and tumblrs for some fabberoonie posts and obviously hilarious tweets because, well, we are pretty damn funny ;-)

Olivia's twitter and tumblr: @Olivia_Candlerx

Rebecca's twitter and tumblr: @BeccaFerginator 

-Olivia xox

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