Tuesday, 6 November 2012

We Love...Lianne!

Style Crush

 Lianne La Havas 

aged 23, is an English folk and soul singer-songwriter from London, England.

 Born to a Greek bus-driver father and a Jamaican postlady mother, Lianne refers her kooky approach to music and fashion to her diverse roots.

        After watching her for quite a while since I first heard her track, No Room For Doubt, with Willy Mason, I was hooked, and intrigued by her individuality.
  Renown for her trademark lopsided bun and trusty guitar, Lianne recently supported Alicia Keys' MTV Crashes, which was broadcasted in a MASSIVE 164 countries!

She has also supported Wisconsin folk band Bon Iver on their December 2011 North American tour!

 She also has many celebrity fans,including Tom Ford, Stevie Wonder and Prince, who rang her when she was having a pint in the pub with her boyfriend! Jealous...
 She cites her style icons as multi-award winning actress and director, Diane Keaton, and Prince, in his Purple Rain video.

Lianne is recognised for her love of eclectic pieces, including popping brights, shoulder pads, Peter Pan collars and chunky statement necklaces.

Her make-up is usually very natural, although she is never caught without a statement flick of kohl eyeliner, and a dot in the middle of her bottom eyelid. Cute!

We predict that Lianne is destined for super-stardom, along with the greats of Etta Jones and Amy Winehouse. 

We recommend you download:

Is Your Love Big Enough?



Lost and Found

'Is Your Love Big Enough?' is available on iTunes and in stores now!

Here are some of my Lianne La Havas inspired outfits:

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas 2

We Lianne!

-R x

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