Monday, 19 November 2012

We Love....Ginnifer!

Style Crush

 Ginnifer Goodwin, or Jennifer, if you're fussy, is a 34 year old TV and film actress from America.

 She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and vastly gained an interest in media and the arts, due to her father, who owned & operated a recording studio.

She has featured in popular movies such as Ramona & Beezus and He's Just Not That Into You, but received her big break in HBO's Big Love.
 Although I can't remember when I originally heard of her, Ginnifer has always garnered my attention for her striking features and crazyily good dress sense.
 She has featured in a GAP Fall Campaign in 2008, been awarded MaxMara's One to Watch, and even adopted a flock of turkeys in 2009. Our kind of girl.

 You could say that Ginnifer's style was minimalistic, with a cutting edge twist that portrays her unique personality. If she was wearing the simplest black dress, she would add something completely unexpected ( have you SEEN that Gucci dress below!?).

Ginnifer always reminds me of a pixie or a fairy, with her sweet facial features, hairstyle and name ( I don't really know why, I think it's something to do with the Wizard of Oz... Glinda/Ginnifer hahaha ) and she brings this out with her natural and basic make-up. Lusted after for her clear, dewy skin, Ginnifer makes the most of this by not adding as much contouring make-up onto her skin, and focusing on making her eyes the more prominent feature.

 I think that Ginnifer brings something fresh to the celebrity scene, and isn't one to follow trends straight from the catwalk. She is a true fashion risk taker, and ALWAYS impresses on the red carpet!

                 We Ginnifer!

Here are some of my Ginnifer inspired outfits!

Ginnifer 2

                 -R x

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