Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ed Sheeran


       As you all know, us ( Becca & Olivia) and a couple of our friends ( KT & Hannah) went to see the almighty ginger sex god, Ed Sheeran! Honestly, hands on our heart, it was by far one of the BEST concerts we've ever been to! We were even 2nd row from the front! How good is that!?

He started off with his new hit single, 'Give Me Love' which is the last song to be produced from his debut album,  +. He is absolutely amazing live and we are so glad we got to see him! 

   His set was a constant flow of beautiful melodies, many which sounded even BETTER live than on his EP's. He always had one of his four trusty guitars in tow, and was BEAT-BOXING ( once in a lifetime experience that is, mind).

  His support acts were Passenger ( our main man Mike ) and Foy Advance, who were both incredibly talented and surprisingly unsigned. You should definitely check them out! 

  My ( Becca ) favourite song of the night was most definitely one of his most popular hits ' You Need Me, I Don't Need You', which lasted a WHOPPING 12 minutes! And he didn't go a note out of tune, even when he was jumping on top of the speakers right next to us ( swoon..) !

  He even asked the audience to be remotely quiet for a couple of songs by saying "If you love me, you'll be quiet.", which made Olivia practically melt! This ensued a few "WE LOVE YOU ED!" shrieks (who, us...) but it was such an amazing experience to see the entire City Hall succumb to silence to just listen to his heavenly voice.

  Dressed in a modest cartoon 'Flipper' t-shirt and raggy jeans, he was far from a Nicki Minaj-style concert with all of the constant costume revamps and extravagant staging, it was simply just him, and a 'mirror wall', where you could see the gig from his point of view, which we thought was really cool, especially when everyone was waving their phone lights!

We were DEVASTATED when he walked off after his two hour set, as was everyone else. We did make buddies with his stage handy-man Trevor though. What a guy.

 Here's a quick view of what we wore to the gig, and also take a look at the videos! And we are NOT in    anyway singing superstars. Just putting it out there. :-)

What Becca wore:

Okay, so this picture is pretty terrible, but bear in mind it was 1am and I already had that post-concert depression feeling creeping up on me ( worst feeling EVER in my opinion). I wore this tartan dress ( in age 10-11 D:) from the kids section in New Look, which was only £12.99, which is a bargain, considering tartan is apparently going to be 'big' this season and my trusty old leather jacket which I've had for 5 years! (M&S, don't even remember!). I wore some black suede wedges ( also from New Look, £25.00) which I got as a Christmas present last year. 

Jewellery-wise, I wore my Ed Sheeran bracelets and a glow-stick band we all got off Olivia's mam! I also wore my swallow bird earrings ( River Island, £1.50 ) and my fave golden heart pendant ( Accessorize, £5.00 ).  

We all drew black 'Sheeran' paws on our hand in permanent marker, which turned out to be a pretty big mistake, as it didn't come off for four days!

From Left to Right : Hannah, Becca, Olivia & KT! Aw.

Our Ed inspired nail art! From clockwise top: Olivia, Hannah, Becca & KT!

What Olivia wore:

Hey guys! So, I got this outfit ESPECIALLY for the beautiful ginger sex god (wink ;-)) and it consisted of a sheer black dress from H&M with a pleather peter pan colar £29.99, my gorgeous denim jacket with fur lining from Top Shop £55 (expensive I know! You can probably find cheeper versions elsewhere so look around before you choose to buy!) my creeper style shoes from Top Shop which were originally a wopping £65 but I got them in the sale for £10! How good is that!? Last but not least, I wore my trusty gold buckle ring that I wear 
EVERYDAY! Never take it off :-) 
and my Ed Sheeran jewellry. (Rebecca got me one of these bracelets for my birthday last year so we are matching! How cute!?)

Here's some videos from the gig, which were taken on Becca's phone!

Grade 8:

The A Team:

Wayfaring Stranger:

Hope you enjoyed reading our Ed Sheeran post! We can't WAIT for Rizzle Kicks on the 1st December! AAAAAAAH!

Love you all,

R & O x

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