Friday, 7 December 2012

Another update for y'all!

Hey guys! Me and Rebecca are so sorry we haven't updated anything HUGE in a while but please bare with us! We had no time at all last weekend to do our photoshoot or do a video tutorial on a hair style (thank you very much for all your votes by the way!) As we've been super busy! On Saturday we were in town ALL DAY as mother and father were Christmas shopping (EXCITED!) and we had Rizzle Kicks in the night time and Sunday we played on Sims and singstar hahaha!

     Anyway m'loves, we cross our hearts and hope to die that there will be big things coming up in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out :-) moving on, we would like to know what hairstyle you want us to do? Is there anything you're just struggling with and you need some help from your favorite bloggers in this history of blogger people? Please comment below exactly what you wanted us to do and maybe even give us a sneaky suggestion on what you would like to see next on Ro Ro?

Have a lovely Christmas! Lots of love R and O x

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