Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rizzle Kicks!

        Rizzle Kicks

Sorry for the rather late update as we've been rather busy, but on Saturday 1st December, we went to see... Rizzle Kicks! Apart from being squished within an inch  of other so-called 'ravers' in the middle of a mosh-pit, and being covered in not the nicest of substances, it was one of the wildest, loudest and funniest concerts we've ever been to! 

We had spent the first part of the day in Newcastle, dressing up in Topshop and going for a Chinese ( don't eat banana pancakes ) and Starbucks. We queued outside, being the dedicated fans we are, and managed to squeeze our way to the front of the stage, without being trampled on! Harley and Jordan looked as beautiful as ever, and played all of the songs from their album, plus some of their remixes, including their duet with Ed Sheeran! That made us HAPPY. 

Supporting them was Little Nikki, who used to be in UK band Soundgirl, who I seen when they supported Pixie Lott in 2010. She is now a solo singer/rapper and you should DEFINITELY check her out! She wore a bodycon skeleton dress, which is from Topshop for £50. 

Their other support act was upcoming rapper Mikill Pane (pronounced Michael...but we're gonna call him Mikill ). He is destined to be big, and was even drinking on stage! We got  lucky and met him outside after the gig, and got his autograph on the back of our tickets! Wowza! We don't have any proper pictures of our outfits, but we do have our sassy pictures in Topshop :-)

Here's the videos (they most definitely aren't perfect!)

This one's not ours! Mikill Pane:
After the concert, we had a sleepover at Olivia's, and had cheesy nachos for our breakfast and went on Take That and High School Musical Sing Star. Righteous. We couldn't take any pictures because I had a Mikill Pane tattoo in the middle of my forehead. Not righteous. 

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the videos and we'll talk to you later!

Love you all, 
  R & O xo.

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