Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Santa Darlin'

Why am I, of all people, doing a nail tutorial? 
   Despite having hundreds of nail varnishes, I normally find doing more intricate designs rather tricky.

 I can't be the only one who goes into a state of frustration and slight despair when that one perfect nail smudges? Annoying, right?
 I wouldn't quite call this a 'tutorial' ( I'll leave that to the pro beauty blogs ) but more of a nail inspiration. Yeah, I like that better. So out my lil Santa-style nails!

I tend to use this Bambi Sandalwood Hand Cream before painting my nails as it keeps them moisturised and easier to coat, but I use it every day too. It was only £1.99 from H&M, which is completely worth it as it smells DELICIOUS!

I also use a buffer block before applying two coats of Rimmel Movie Star Red, but only painting one third of the ring finger.

Once that has dried, if you don't have proper nail gear like me, use a hair grip to dip in the white nail varnish ( I'm using Calvin Klein) to dot along underneath the red on the ring finger to create the fluff on Santy's hat!

After all of your nails are looking festively fab, use a glossy top coat, like Avon Top Coat, to make sure your design doesn't smudge and stays sassy all week long!

Hope you enjoyed this 'nail inspiration' and have fun trying it out!

Ho Ho Ho

-R x

P.S. Check out these two amazing Geordie lasses ( girls from Newcastle ) with their cover of Santa Baby! I love it haha! Xo

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