Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Christmas Day Out

After school today, me, Rebecca and KT from typicalteenagegirl101.blogspot.co.uk went shopping for a few bits and bobs for christmas :-) 

It was a lovely day out as we finished early at school and it was even better feeling the Christmassy chilled weather and spirit spreading through Newcastle!

We also visited Fenwicks window (courtesy of Rebecca) and danced to the joyful Christmas music playing from the displays.

Not only did we get some Christmas shopping done, we also visited 'Cruise' which is full of all the designer handbags and shoes and just down right beautiful stuff! Very expensive also :-( 

I managed to get some sneaky photos of some of the clothes, handbags and shoes which, unfortunately, none of us could afford!  One of the Gucci bags were REDUCED to £1,500. I say, REDUCED.  

Here's another video of Newcastle:

Merry Christmas! Have you wrapped all your presents yet?
R &O

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