Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winter Accessories

At this time of the year everybody needs the perfect winter accessories! Whether it's hats, scarves, gloves, mugs, you name it, everybody has that one special thing they have or need every winter. For me, its the good ol' hat and scarf. A couple of years ago, my mam bought me this dark red, burgundy scarf which is called a snood. It's one of those super duper long ones that you can wrap around your neck for ages haha. When I first got it, I never really wore it but this year... I am absolutely LOVING it!

 It's just so warm, and cozy! For you all that do not own one, you MUST get one! You'll love it, trust me! As well as a 'snood' person, I am also a 'beret' person. I find it's probably one of the only hats that will actually suit me and they're just so lovely :-) I have many different beret's but this is by far my fave! It's just simple, black with a hint of sparkle and at the front there is a little clear rhinestone which just brings it all together. 

Oh Rebecca, the oh so beautiful Rebecca...
Here me and Rebecca are both sporting beret's (Can't really see Becky's though, it's hiding at the back of her head!) on the 1st of december when we went to see the beautiful Rizzle Kicks! (The beret, is also mine haha!)
(My other favey beret for y'all, the one Rebecca was wearing!)
The trusty denim winter jacket :-)

Here in England, it has been so so so cold lately (ha, when is it not!?) so I've ended up going out to school with more things on than I usually would. I live about 15 minutes away from school so I always have to get the car which I don't mind but I still have to walk about 5 minutes to actually get into the school and even then I'm shivering! Because it's normally like -1 walking to school, I have now started wearing a scarf, gloves and a thick jacket. Right now, I am absolutely loving this chilly, duck egg blue sort of colour and fortunate for me, mother Candler has a pair of cozy gloves in the colour that is so perfect for winter!

I have no clue where they're from but I'm sure if you look around you could get a pair just like this or very similar.

Winter is the time to whip out your old ugly Christmas scarf and bring it back into season! I love wrapping up all warm and snug in my favorite hat and scarf and so should you! I think it's time ladies to rummage at the back of your wardrobe and make it into something new. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

-Olivia :-) x                     

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