Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Belated New Year!

A VERY belated Happy New Year Post!

Hope you all had a great one!


2012 has finished, 2013 has started wooo! Did everyone have a great New Year? We certainly did! 
Both of us went to separate parties and I got to see family I haven't seen for a while! Like my dads cousin that lives in Portsmouth. She also told me that when she was in college she took a course in fashion and produced her own fashion label! My dad's cousin and his boyfriend threw a great party! We danced for ages and he was even giving me jelly shots and mango sours and they were dee-sgusting! Yuk!

As my cousin had his x-box on with dance central playing, I knew better than to dress up in a dress and heels so I went for the easier option which included a pair of Black skinny jeans from topshop and a lace, sleeveless top from Henry Holland!

I went to my stinkin rich Auntie's house for her annual NYE Party and it was so much fun! A lot of my family and friends were there and we all had a great time :-) Most of the photos are pretty embarrasing so I'll just show you a few from the night! Lets just say we got a bit muddy and had a tad too much Red Bull!

Love you all!

R & O xo

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