Tuesday, 8 January 2013



On behalf of us both, I deeply apologise for our lack of post updates. 
We've both been SUPER busy, but we'll try and keep the blog following even though we're back at school now! This isn't exactly a fashion-related post, but more of a latest craze post. 

At the moment, I have a bit of an obsession for tattoos.
 Now, I am only 15 and there are a few years before I am even legally allowed to THINK about getting 'inked', but I found a lot of really cute tattoos that I simply must share! 

There seems to be an odd craze for getting Chinese symbols tattooed on ( a lot probably don't even know what they mean! ) and I can honestly say that I am guilty for drawing Chinese thingys on my arm too because I thought it was cool :( 
Anyway, I definitely prefer smaller, more meaningful tattoos compared to the bright and bold sleeve ones that are SO FETCH right now. 

This one is my favourite, possibly because Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg is one of my fave songs! I think it's so cool.

Hope you enjoyed the post and expect more stuff coming rather soon!

-R xo

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