Thursday, 3 January 2013

Brigitte Bardot

"They may call me a sinner, but I'm at peace with myself" -Brigitte Bardot

She was the Parisian queen of the 50's and 60's, a singer, actress, model and all round beauty icon. 

She oozed that kind of effortless chic, reminiscent of modern stars like Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne. I love her for her individuality, beliefs and how nothing anyone said about her would put her off track. 

1). Go Big or Go Home
Brigitte's hair was simply gorgeous. A blonde mass of perfectly messy curls and tangles, which helped create her iconic image. It's that type of 'just rolled out of bed after a late night' kind of hair that every girl craves. The best way to achieve a look similar to Brigitte's is to use a shampoo and conditioner that are catered to increasing volume, like Herbal Essences Body Envy, especially if you have thinner hair. If you have a mass of curly hair like me, it might be easier to half straighten it! Use a paddle brush to backcomb hair on the crown of your head, and pin at the back with a cute little bow clip, or secure with a large fabric hairband.

2). Bambi Eyes

Brigitte's classic smokey eye is practically timeless, and can always be seen through night AND day. To avoid that 'hard night on the tiles' kind of look, make sure you use a good primer beforehand, like Benefit That Gal. Apply all over the eyelids. You will need two black shadows, one a little lighter than the other, so I would reccommend staying within the same brand but just going a tad further up their colour scale. Take the lighter one and blend it all over the eyelid, taking it out slightly further at the side. Do the same with the darker shadow. It may look slightly scary at first, especially when you've only completed the first eye, but do not fear! Use a kohl eyeliner ( I use Rimmel!) and apply it on your upper water line and lash line. Extreme. Keep lipstick to a minimum, with pale pinks and nudes, but make use of enlarging your brows, as she liked a bit of a statement!

3). Keep Up

Brigitte was first scouted participating in her mother's friend's fashion show, and was soon signed to an agency. Her first Elle magazine cover debuted when she was just 15 ( WHAT.) and appeared in several campaigns and movies afterwards. She had previously aspired to be a professional ballerina, which gave her extremely good posture and elegance. Many of us always complain about how we 'have as much elegance as an elephant' but if you think about keeping your back straight and your chin up high, it will make you feel ten times better. It can also make you look taller, lighter and more attractive. I seen you all shoot up there.

4). Go Gingham

Bardot was also lusted after for her individual and intriguing fashion style. A fan of nipped-in waists, big hats, faux leather and fur and black, her iconic look was copied by many throughout the 50's and 60's, and can still be seen in many things we wear today. She was granted the Bardot neckline, which is seen on many tops and dresses. It is when the neckline is cut straight across from shoulder to shoulder, often a bit more exposed than your usual t-shirt, but certainly still popular today! She also brought the likes of gingham and high-waisted shorts into the light. You go girl!

5). Animal Friendly

Brigitte swiftly exited the Hollywood limelight in the late 70's, wanting to live a calmer life. Since then, she has became a world-famous ( in her own right ) animal rights activist and vegetarian vegan. Wow! She has wrote to many powerful men and women, including the French Prime Minister, Queen of Denmark and the Chinese President, enraged at how they treat their animals. Try to eat healthier and avoid so many animal based products ( try Quorn!) and try not to step on so many spiders in the street or heave your cat off the bed when it wakes you up on a Sunday. Simple!

Hope you've been inspired to try out some Brigitte looks and have fun!

-R xo


  1. ...I love big hairs...
    ...her engagement for animal welfare is very cool, there should be more stars like her...

    ..I'am inspired...

    have a great day, miss viwi (austria)

  2. She is a very beautiful model and Rebecca definitely did a great post on her! I have to agree there should be more models like her! And we both hope you have a very good day :-) -Olivia x