Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Girls Aloud Are Back!

Girls Aloud. One band. 5 girls. By far one of our favorite bands in all of girl band history! (With the exception of Sugar Babes and Atomic Kitten!) Me and Rebecca grew up listening to their catchy hits, getting the CD's and the annuals when POOF they seemed to all just disappear off the face of the earth!

I mean, Sarah featured in 'St Trinian's' then disappeared, Nadine went solo and released an album... (personally, I actually really liked it! If you want to listen to it click the link: ), I have no clue where Kimberley went, Nicola went solo and released a couple of songs an album and has suddenly become quite big in the fashion industry (in my opinion her most popular song is probably this one: ) and of course, Cheryl was the most popular out of them all! She was a judge on the UK's X Factor and was supposed to be a judge on the USA's X Factor but it was then rumored her and Simon had a spat? Anyway, she has produced many singles, a couple of album's and stars on a L'Oreal Paris advert, advertising Casting Creme Gloss and Elnett hair spray. (Cheryl is also from Newcastle where we are!)

But now they are BACK! And bigger then ever! Their new hit single, 'Something New' has reached over a million views on their YouTube channel and has to be one of my favorite songs by the girls!

Some of my favorite songs from Girls Aloud are the following:

  • Sound Of The Underground
  • Call The Shouts
  • Can't Speak French
  • Love Machine
  • Sexy! No, No, No...
  • Something Kinda Ooooh
  • Something New
  • The St Trinian's theme tune
  • Promise

In their new video for 'Something New' it's a new fresh start! All dressed in fluorescent orange off the shoulder dresses, plain strappy black heels and a famous top knot bun, they all looked B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Tickets for their tour are out now so go buy some for your closest venue! Totally worth it in my eyes! Girls Aloud are definitely one of my styles crushes! ♥

Here are some outfit ideas for each of the girls! Hope yo enjoy! :-) 


Untitled #40


Untitled #41


Untitled #42


Untitled #43


Untitled #44

-Olivia :-) x

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