Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We Love...Taylor!


Style Crush

Taylor Swift,aged 22, is an American country singer and songwriter originally from Pennsylvania. Taylor grew up living on a Christmas tree farm, whilst learning to horse ride and attending a theatre school.

 Taylor has long been one of my favourite artists, partly because of her down-to-earth personality, and, of course, amazing voice.

I have recently admired her for her fashion sense, and her knack for creating a simple, yet extremely cute outfit.

 The superstar always has a retro vibe to her style, and is rarely seen without her signature slick of red lipstick.

Always perfectly groomed, Taylor looks like she could have just walked out of the set of 'Bye Bye Birdie'. Now that isn't your average country star.

Florals, brights, sequins, you name it, Taylor has worn it. 

From her old Hollywood glamour red carpet looks, to her Autumn 'duffle coat and beanie' combo, Miss Swift has THAT something that keeps her fresh, and not decadent, like the 50's fashions she wears.

Often getting critical disclaim for her constant love songs about the several famous faces she has dated, Taylor, frankly, doesn't give a DAMN, and carries on singing about what she is passionate about, which I find very inspiring to listen to someone who genuinely cares about what she writes and performs.

 And, just to prove these critics wrong, Taylor has won a UNBELIEVABLE 119 awards in the past few years! GOLLY GOSH!

Taylor usually sticks to a natural, earthy pallette for her pieces, only bringing out her bold hues for awards shows and events, and accessorizes with minimal make-up ( a natural, pale base, a dark feline flick of eyeliner and THE matte red lip) and her beautiful blonde hair, either in her mass of ringlets, or poker straight. 

As you can tell from this picture, Taylor's style has evolved from your average country sweetheart to something we'd like to call 'Oxford Chic Glamour Queen'. Hm, I think it will catch on.

We Taylor!

P.S. Here's a picture of the signed Red CD ( her newly released album)! It is such a good album, I don't think there is a bad song on it!

Download MUSTS:
Everything Has Changed (featuring Ed Sheeran, SWOON!)
I Knew You Were Trouble
The Last Time ( featuring Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol!)

Below are some of my Taylor-inspired outfits!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 2

Taylor Swift 3

-R x

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