Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Top 10 Things Needed For A Warm Winter!

Do you love Christmas as much as I do? Because it's by far my fave time of the year! I love the chilly weather nipping at your nose (and who could forget the snow!? It's not Christmas until everything's covered in snow!), everybody's homes decorated in elaborate flashing lights and Christmas trees on display in the front window. And of course, all the food that comes with it ;-) But I think my favorite part of Christmas is definitely Christmas Eve. The excitement you get from the moment you wake up on the 24th of December to the minute you fall asleep. I mean I'm 15 and I know I'm not the only one who gets excited! Me and my family have this tradition that we do ever year. We go to a restaurant and have a deliciously cooked meal, then we venture out to the flicks to see a film (my dad and brother are probably going to see the hobbit and me and my mam find that stuff waaaaaay too confusing so I think Nativity 2 is on the cards!), by this time it's pretty late so we drive back home, have a cup of tea and some crumpets, put on our new pajamas that 'Santa's Elves' have sent for us and go to bed. Does anyone else have traditions they do every year?

For the perfect Christmas here are my top ten things needed for a warm winter!Plenty of Decorations - Can't go wrong with a bit of lights and baubles!

1. Blankets! - Those really furry soft ones that are perfect for wrapping up in when you're watching a Christmas movie.
2. Christmas songs - Yeah, I know the same songs that are played every year do get a bit boring but it's not Christmas unless you have those cheesy tunes ringing out in the back ground.

3. HOT CHOCOLATE - You can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate... that's hot. Topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, p-e-r-f-e-c-t. It also goes great with the warm blankets and the Christmas movies.

4. Christmas Sweaters - I mean, how could you not possibly own a Christmas jumper? They're perfect for chucking on when it's cold and snowing outside and you're warm and toasty inside (with your hot chocolate and blankets of course!) Read Rebecca's post about ugly Christmas sweaters that actually aren't that, well...ugly.

5. Hat, Scarfs and Gloves - Can't go wrong with a matching set? Read my post about some of my favorite Winter accessories that will go perfect with any outfit!

6. CHRISTMAS MOVIES! - There's no joy in Christmas without the films to go with it? Some of my favorites definitely have to be: Elf, Polar Express and Nativity.

photo.JPG7. Fuzzy Socks - When December rolls around, the socks come out! Even if it's not Christmas, I still wear the socks... I live in England where it's basically winter all year so it's allowed.

8. Candles - Just going to come out with this... I'm a HUGE lover of candles like seriously. Especially Yankee Candle. It's just the assortment of scents that could literally make you melt. Vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread, Frankincense and Mur (My mam had this candle yesterday it was so so so nice!)

photo.JPG9. Buying Presents - I absolutely love going out and shopping for friends and family! When they open the gift that you carefully wrapped with you're favorite paper you got them and just seeing their face light up is one of the best parts of Christmas. Sharing is caring guys!

Last but not least, Christmas Cheer! - Cheesy, I know but when every one is all happy and laughing and excited for Christmas it just makes me happy and even more excited! You know, having snow ball fights with your friends in the school field sliding all over the ice! Making gingerbread houses and just generally having the time of your life. Just let your hair down and have a great winter!

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