Thursday, 28 February 2013

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

This probably should have been posted a while back, considering the concert was on the 5th of February, but us two and four other friends, Megan, Jennifer, Emilia and KT    
( went to see Jake Bugg! 

 He is absolutely incredible live, and one of the most down to earth musicians in the industry. 

Jake is credited for his comparisons to the likes of Bob Dylan and The Stone Roses, and for bringing a new era of music to the otherwise currently dowdy charts.

 He performed an amazing set, even coming on for an encore to sing big hit Lightning Bolt, cue wild dancing and urine throwing. 

Not one to hold his tongue, Jake has recently slammed One Direction multiple times, and criticized the Brits acts as 'awful', but I think it's great that he isn't afraid to be brutally honest, and that he still remains the lad from the council estate in Clifton. 

We seriously annoyed the people behind us because of our enraged screaming and 'raving', but wotev. The support acts, Hudson Taylor and Little Green Cars, are also worth a listen too! 

f you're considering going to see him, GO. That's the only advice we can give really!

-R&O xo

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