Saturday, 23 February 2013

Take A Walk

Hey everybody!

The updates on our blog are pretty bad, but we've literally been out with friends everyday for the past month, so its hard to find the time! 
We're very happy at the moment, but this isn't exactly a personal blog so we won't dwindle on it! 

On Monday, we went with our BFF KT ( of to Olivia's house for one of our fabulously AMAZING girly days!

 It's always a guaranteed good time, and we watched Harry Potter and ate a lot of junk :) We listened to some fab music, painted our nails and then went on a really REALLY good walk through the fields while the sun was setting, because we're cute little tings. 

African dancing with horses is surprisingly uplifting. We've found a new 'spot' which is our secret spot, but we can't tell you where it is, just incase you manage to find it. 

It's right underneath a huge motorway bridge, so you can hear all the lorries rushing above your head (SCARY), and down the bottom of a massive river, where there's a teeny little beach! We've also done a 'Bowl Challenge' ( at least that's what we think its called ) which Ariana Grande did! Take a look at it below!

And here's our new found obsession, Passion Pit, which granted us this post's title! Guarantee you will love them, especially if you adore the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats!

-R & O xo

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